What is a Maven?

ma·ven \ noun \ an expert or connoisseur.


We believe our clients are the mavens of their field, the connoisseurs of their industry and the experts of their business.

We learn from our clients and collaborate throughout the design process.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel or put on false pretenses that we understand the inter-workings of every industry, but we love to learn.

We refuse to have stale minds or produce stale work.

We want to reinvigorate.

We are in the business of executing your goals and needs, bringing you ideas full of imagination, strategy and heart; and to top it off, it will be gosh darn beautiful.

Our Services

We are connoisseurs of artistry.

We specialize in providing comprehensive branding, design, media and marketing solutions that go the extra mile, look amazing, and don't break the bank.

From concept to completion, we work closely with our  clients to make their goals a successful reality.

By doing the best work, having fun and exceeding our clients' goals and expectations, we believe Maven Creative will continue to build an industry reputation as one of the best design firms in the business.

We can't wait to work with you!

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Web Design

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Interior Design


Dani Chambers


With a degree in advertising with an emphasis on design from University of Oregon, I have worked in the creative field as a designer in my hometown since 2015. I am loyal to the Pacific Northwest and have dreamed of owning and operating a design firm since I was little and would play dress-up as a CEO instead of a princess.

I am extremely detail-oriented and love organizing just about anything. Seriously, I probably wouldn't turn down a side project to help you organize your pantry. I am highly motivated to help my clients achieve their business goals through smart design, imagination, strategy, and heart. I have a fresh outlook on the industry and the power of strategic design. I understand that my clients are the experts in their field, industry, and business. I strive to create lasting partnerships that center around collaboration, innovation, and having a ton of fun along the way.

Fun Facts

I love a good puzzle.

I can play a couple songs on the piano.

I prefer to be in a sweater.

I overuse extra fine point black pens.